HTC Windows Phone 7 Mango Event London 2011

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On the 1st of September HTC held an event at the Victoria House in London to showcase Windows Phone 7 Mango and they also launched two new devices, The HTC Radar & The HTC Titan. i was lucky enough to be at the event and take some footage of the event and the phones so hope you enjoy! Twitter: HTC Radar: HTC Titan: Windows Phone 7 Mango Features: phone/windows-phone-7-mango-features-fully-revealed

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6 Responses to HTC Windows Phone 7 Mango Event London 2011

  1. GangstaGurpz says:

    u fink nu wun cum owt suun?

  2. GangstaGurpz says:

    no titan

  3. GangstaGurpz says:


  4. GangstaGurpz says:

    mai wyf gt symcar i go 2 gt da fone carphonewer dey sai best wiv da symcar contra wa du u sugges?

  5. TechGuyHarjitTV says:

    @ganon4u Thanks, Yh i was trying to go into the browser and HTC Watch but there was no internet that the devices could use for some reason..but thanks for your feedback man i will take into account :)

  6. ganon4u says:

    Nice vid, for the next one you should maybe add more new content. I mean we already know the spec. of the device but we don’t have see yet new features on like HTC Watch.
    So next time, try to show us more ;)

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