HTC Titan WP7 Mango smartphone

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HTC Titan WP7

HTC Titan WP7 Smartphone – The HTC Titan features a huge 4.7-inch touchscreen display with a WVGA resolution, plus a new 8 megapixel camera and a 1.5GHz processor. Running the latest Windows Phone 7 release (7.5 Mango) the Titan is a very snappy handset that lends itself well to browsing the web, watching videos, and playing games. Microsoft Office Mobile is also included for workaholics that like to open and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on their smartphone. More info:
HTC Titan Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to HTC Titan WP7 Mango smartphone

  1. OMGz1122 says:

    when is this phone coming out in the US?

  2. Raisuke94 says:

    @IvhpBxx The other half gig o RAM is not a neccessity as wp7 phones have a similar pseudo-multitasking like iPhone’s do. Which means, if you switch between applications, the other one is suspended so it does not eat RAM. That’s why the 4S only has 512MB too….it doesn’t need more. As opposes to android, which has true multitasking, and every open application wastes memory. So it’s safer to go witch better processor than more RAM.

  3. IvhpBxx says:

    @TheLonelyFisherman42 Yeah i got the ideia ;) But for example is it better a phone with “1,5Ghz and 512mb of RAM” or with “750Mhz and 1Gb of RAM”? I’m asking this because i really want the Htc Titan but im kinda in a doubt because of the 512mb ram :S

  4. TheLonelyFisherman42 says:

    @IvhpBxx well with greater processor comes greater ram, also the speed of the ram is important, 1GHz processor should go with no less than 512MB or RAM and 1GB of ram should pair well with anything but is the least that should be used for a 1.4GHz processor. hope i helped. :)

  5. IvhpBxx says:

    How important or how much difference does the RAM memory does on a device?! The more RAM the better? Or it depends mostly on the processor? Please help :D

  6. IvhpBxx says:

    @mobileburn Hi. :) Can you tell me if it has got SkyDrive compatibility as the Samsung Omnia W?
    If it has got Skype or will have?! and if it makes Video Calls?!

  7. akocern03 says:

    @sdkim89 who cares. just buy it if you want lol.

  8. cool8man says:

    @mobileburn You can set a wallpaper on the Pictures hub background as well as the lock screen. Just press the “…” in the Pictures app and choose a background. The Pictures live tile also makes a slideshow out of your favorite photos.

  9. sdkim89 says:

    I’d get this over GSII anyday.

  10. rdknght17 says:

    @AwesomeKoke what to you mean?

  11. ostesvin says:

    Wow those 8 trailers look great in thet HTC V page :-D

  12. TheBigboySid says:

    the volume only set to 8 , max is 30, or 25 if im not mistaken . trust me i used to own WP7 , and will be using it again .

  13. mobileburn says:

    @javs6901 Lock screen only.

  14. mobileburn says:

    @mobileburn I meant tint, not tiny. Duh.

  15. gavrilaeugen says:

    @TheBigboySid how do u knou?

  16. TempusGames says:

    If anyone has this phone and wants to swap for a Galaxy S2 mint condition hit me up dudes.

  17. TheBigboySid says:

    nope .

  18. akocern03 says:

    meh -_- this is windows phone…

  19. AwesomeKoke says:

    Eh I was in love the the big screen but windows just don’t fulfill my needs

  20. gavrilaeugen says:

    @mobileburn yes but in the video that strage color in center,,,,,,,,

  21. mobileburn says:

    @gavrilaeugen Is it a magenta tiny? You see that on probably half of the cameras that came out in the past. The higher end smartphones don’t seem to have that problem now, though.

  22. paice95 says:

    why? i have it and it is quite a good phone.altough i’m planning on getting the Galaxy Nexus or the GS2

  23. PrinceT300 says:

    if you want the zune player on your android phone just download fedes music app, if its still online

  24. gavrilaeugen says:

    thnz 4 this review can u make or u made a review of samsung i997 ?

  25. gavrilaeugen says:

    what is that strange color in the camera in the center ?

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