Kinect and Windows Phone 7 integration

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Microsoft demonstrates Kinect and Windows Phone 7 integration –

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25 Responses to Kinect and Windows Phone 7 integration

  1. viktorskarlatov says:

    This can also be done with the pad, why would I need to buy a Windows Phone? If they decide to make this windows phone only… I see what it is all about :)

  2. alepnofon says:

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  3. TELEVISIBLE says:

    Wii U killer

  4. Chipperowski says:

    If this was real it would be quite awesome.

  5. ernietra says:

    Do you want XBox 360 Kinect Console for free? Go to my profile for more info.

  6. manner4 says:

    They are teasing him :C

  7. BabyyyyCarinja383 says:


  8. JSernProductions says:

    @gkhelsinki sucks

  9. JustinnFredotu5411 says:

    Can anybody tell me how you would make a backflip or 1024 indy in any Tony Hawks pro with Kinect? I’m scared that it could be painful.

    Also guys – I just got myself 2 full kinect packages free. I hacked a url on a retail promo for it, and it still works well. See my video on how to use this hack for yourself

  10. tshaolin971 says:


  11. SmartAps89 says:

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  12. gkhelsinki says:


  13. CinematicallyUnhappy says:

    they could do something really clever here. if they could do something ala gba-gamecube connectivity, it would go down a treat.

  14. Szym325 says:

    die hard ms. U on the way.

  15. roidroid says:

    @megacoolninja yeah playstation invented the couch. These couch users are totally ripping playstation off.

  16. roidroid says:

    @shotk0 oh are you sure she’s not gay?
    or maybe she’s fake asian, or a fake girl?

  17. roidroid says:

    @SuperWeetam why?


    that’s why

  18. SmartAps89 says:

    We have a lot of free games and apps for Windows Phone. Kindly search for us in Zune for the below: Rotate and Roll, World Art Museum, Flip Sexy Card, Ball Shooter, Go Fishing, Art Love, Knowledge Center, Sexy Girl Collection, Cut Sexy Girl

  19. meridian73 says:


  20. loonerBot says:

    By the way, I have kinect and the lag is barely noticeable, nothing like in tbe video.

  21. loonerBot says:

    This is so incredible. I’ll be getting a Windows Phone 7 device, mostly for this!

  22. Cowboy77 says:

    @GlowRaver800 According to most all the motion control stuff lags. So nothing new *shrugs*

  23. mark9241 says:

    …Bitches.. Can’t live with ‘em, and that’s just it.

  24. xboxkinecthub says:

    Thumbs up if you think that this guy is GAY :)

  25. xxxxxdxxdxdddxxxxxxd says:

    Heỵ sοrry ƒοr ᑲеing  ṭᴏрⅰс, ᑲսt I’m ѕρreаⅾіոɡ mỵ eҳ ɡіṙǀfṙіenⅾ’ѕ sex ṭаpe aṙοսnⅾ. Why? Weɭǀ, ᑲeⅽаuse ѕհе’ѕ a ᑲⅰṭϲȟ. Sȟе ⅾeѕerⅴeⅾ іṭ, sᴏ ɡᴏ аհeaⅾ aոⅾ ԝatcհ it. Tհe lⅰոǩ ⅰs oո mỵ ρroḟіle (ziρ раssᴡord іs 123)

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