Need for Speed on Windows Phone 7

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Need for Speed on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Need for Speed

Featuring an impressive 20 car, 24 mission line up, with cinematic sequences and flashy graphics, EA’s Need for Speed Undercover driving game is one that will have you glued to the steering wheel (or, in this case, the phone), for hours.

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39 Responses to Need for Speed on Windows Phone 7

  1. Laplo21480 says:

    Скачать игры, проги , виджеты и многое другое вы можете на

  2. ImJustKiddingDude says:

    1:18 lady driver again…

  3. marciojsv says:

    Sexy voice….

  4. MrTommyNagz says:

    jeeesus i cant believe i sold my 3gs for this piece of shit! Just compare this to real racing 2…glad i tossed my omnia 7 in 2 weeks and bought another iphone…wp7 was the stupidest mistake i ever made.

  5. Tubestiina says:

    looks like shit, and laggs. Poor Adreno 200.

  6. bowbowyoyo says:

    looks kinda like PS1 graphics :P

  7. SickTwist3d says:

    looks very crappy in my OP, and i have an iphone 4

  8. ojideagu says:

    @arawatbituin Now if she’s like that with a penis, Hoy…….

  9. djken112 says:

    The PGR on ZuneHD is much much better than this…..
    I want that on WP7…………

  10. Laugslander says:

    it looks shit

  11. Jensoncorpuz says:

    Ya i don’t think she wanted to stop too, that chick is pretty awesome

  12. arawatbituin says:

    lol she didn’t wanna stop playing..

  13. MightyMadMax1 says:


  14. txtmate14 says:


  15. thewebmogul says:

    ck out my windows phone in action

  16. Sludgydboi says:

    How do you like the arrive, I am thinking about getting it but I am just waiting util December to see if they are going to come out with any other windows phones. It seems like its kinda bulky in the video but it doesn’t seem like it would be. Some general pros/cons would be nice if you have the time. :)

  17. T21Chrs says:

    hey does the new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango for HTC HD 7 have custom ringtones??

  18. nodd85 says:

    Bro Council !!!!

  19. RAMBOJVR says:

    Im heavily thinking about upgrading my samsung M520 (OLD PHONE!) to an htc arrive for the simple notion that I use the zune marketplace. Ive have a zunehd but despite being burned in the app, netflix, etc etc Im deciding on jumping into the WP7 devices…

    As a fellow geek to another, do you know of any methods on how to get digital copies on WP7, especially since on the htc arrive since my carrier is sprint?

    converters, software, changing file names(lolz), etc etc…


  20. caster4life says:

    I have these features with on my htc arrive. But I have window 7 on it not the mange update

  21. BroCouncil says:

    @nsodoverboy yep…you can even browse through your pictures wirelessly if you have the Zune software running and your phone is on the network. It’s pretty awesome.

  22. NSODoverBoy says:

    someone told me that if you have pics on your phone or any other things on it & you sync your wp7 device to the desktop software that it will copy everything to your computer… is that true?

  23. AgentRoman1V says:

    @BroCouncil Hey how do you add ringtones to Contacts…the custom ringtones…

  24. BroCouncil says:

    @xhunter51237 I would go with this phone. I have had Blackberry’s, Android phones, and the iPhone 4 and I like this one the best. I also have Sprint. Windows Phone just works and works well.

  25. xhunter51237 says:

    i need a new fone it has to be 3G should i get this the blackberry 9850 or smething else and its gotta be from sprint

  26. pdpaiste says:

    @BroCouncil Haha yeah man it’s not me you need to worry about. It’s everybody else lol

  27. thewebmogul says:

    Sprint Arrive Mango update is available NOW at Sprint. So awesome!

  28. BroCouncil says:

    @pdpaiste Haha…didn’t realize that! Please don’t call haha.

  29. pdpaiste says:

    Now, I’m not a creeper but you do realize that you showed us her number, right?

  30. Rage1182 says:

    Great review keep up the great job!;-)

  31. santiagobignuts says:

    Very nice review, thanks for making it, if you have the time some of us will appreciate that you upload a second part with the multitask and whatever you think us relevant…. can’t wait to get my samung focus, 250$ brand new and unlocked not the best deal but definetly not a bad desition.

  32. Inscent says:

    Great review!!! :)

  33. xdunn615 says:

    can u make a video how to put mango on your arrive

  34. Kweezy157 says:

    @BroCouncil .If you decide to do a follow up can you show the screens that actually do landscape now, my Arrive running the NoDo update has an annoying landscape inconsistency where alot of screens don’t go landscape when the keyboard is opened.

  35. rabel316 says:

    @AgentRoman1V Not sure yet…probably released in the next 30-45 days. I don’t think you can do custom ringtones for texts – I just tried to assign a custom ringer to a text to check and it wouldn’t allow me. You can assign ringtones for individual contacts though. And there’s no Adobe Flash player, but I’m kind of glad in a way…it’s an outdated system.

    Thanks for the add! Check out the Bro Council website too sometime, we’re just launching so we could use people promoting the site!

  36. AgentRoman1V says:

    @BroCouncil Do you know when the update will come out?Can you put ringtones on Text Messages? And individual Contacts when they call you?Will the Mango Update Give the phone Adope Player?…sorry for all the questions…i subscribed and great video…

  37. BroCouncil says:

    @AgentRoman1V no, they haven’t released it yet. Apparently some of the ROM’s for individual phones were leaked, but the version I’m using is the developer’s preview (RTM – Version 7720). It’s not HTC holding back the ringtones, you just couldn’t do it with the old version of Windows Phone. I have put custom ringtones on my Arrive and it works well, except the process is a little tedious. Hopefully in a future Zune version they’ll make it easier.

  38. AgentRoman1V says:

    @BroCouncil they already released the Mango Update?I bought my HTC Arrive in August from Sprint and I heard something about a Mango Update…i was pretty disappointed that in this HTC it doesn’t have Ringtones that I can put…please Reply

  39. BroCouncil says:

    @Camb078 Thanks!

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