Netflix for Windows Phone 7

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Netflix for Windows Phone 7

Netflix for Windows Phone 7

Quick look at Netflix for Windows Phone 7.

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25 Responses to Netflix for Windows Phone 7

  1. jmeans420 says:

    What they don’t tell u is that its not how many movies u stream from ur phone, its how many gigs of data u have on ur plan. WiFi is the most suggested and it does not use up any data from ur plan….just an FYI….

  2. MrGamingdog says:

    @adargen 1/3

  3. adargen says:

    How many movies can you stream on the 3G network before they throttle down your bandwidth ?

  4. BloodySplatterGaming says:

    Do you need wifi?

  5. ahbroody says:

    Luls pothead

  6. Freddysolis1987 says:

    Top Picks for Chris- Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke.

    Nice Man!

  7. thatschill777 says:

    @punkrockgoth1988 that was the initial question I was answering…if you can download netflix vids…so…yeah…you don’t make sense

  8. punkrockgoth1988 says:

    @thatschill777 If you want to watch something on the go, order the DVD/Blu-Ray disc…

  9. thatschill777 says:

    @punkrockgoth1988 that’s not downloading, it’s buffering…you can’t save something from Neflix to your phone/comp

  10. punkrockgoth1988 says:

    A lot of the movies you want to see are on DVD only… It’s irritating. I would pay more for Netflix if they would have everything they have on DVD available for Streaming, in particular TV Show episodes… I could avoid having to check my mail so often.

  11. punkrockgoth1988 says:

    @punkrockgoth1988 At least that would work on a regular computer… On the phone, not so much I suppose. But that is what Laptops and DVDs are for…

  12. punkrockgoth1988 says:

    @thatschill777 Click on the item, as soon as it starts buffering, pause it and then go and do whatever you need and come back to it later….

  13. Mr102185 says:

    @landonjfox yes there is. verizon and sprint. that is it.

  14. metalsim45 says:

    @TheFryingPan16 ice cube version song friday is beast

  15. thatschill777 says:

    @1ajolly Netflix doesn’t let you download anything to watch later–note the name “Watch Instantly”

  16. 1ajolly says:

    with netflix on my windows phone, can u download over wifi then watch it on the go without service?

  17. TheFryingPan16 says:

    the movie friday might be good but the song isnt

  18. Irondiesel says:

    4:42 which could of been covered in 1:30.

  19. landonjfox says:

    @mart182003 There is no carrier with true 4G. With Tmobile’s HSPA+, we’re really dealing with a 3.5 G network, but it is still comparable to any other providers “4G”

  20. swaggakid1995 says:

    thumbs up for cheeks and chonge up in smoke

  21. mart182003 says:

    why is tmobile 4g connection really 3g? anyone

  22. SmartAps89 says:

    Top Free Games for WP7: Rotate and Roll

    Easy to Play – Difficult to Master – Impossible to Put down

    Your objective in this fun physics game is to rotate your way through 20 challenging levels. To complete a level, roll your ball guy to the raindrop. Pay attention, as some levels require you to first collect a star in order to activate the exit point. Use the finger on the screen and move it in the desired direction
    to rotate the level around. Have fun!

  23. anpippin says:

    @blessredy I got it working now, I just had to renew my Netflix Subscription.

  24. blessredy says:

    @anpippin you should probably give Netflix a call to make sure that you’re using the right login and password.

  25. blessredy says:

    Does anyone know if you can watch Instant Netflix on the MyTouch 4G?

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