Seven Great New Features of Mango for Windows Phone 7

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25 Responses to Seven Great New Features of Mango for Windows Phone 7

  1. Alexpro680 says:

    Right of the bat it’s really smooth to transition
    Def picking one up

  2. chaplu1234 says:

    Well Microsoft is scared of Android Believe or not

    Watch from 4:17 you will notice that youtube(from google) is on top but he didn’t speak of it instead said last fm and slacker. :D and by the way. These updates are already in android and more than that :).
    I hate that ugly look of WP7 Main Screen.

  3. OcarinaBrothers says:

    @xerexz89 Its a codename. Like android 2.3 is gingerbread. Its still WP7 but a different codename. Nodo is the current update that everyone has.

  4. xerexz89 says:

    @OcarinaBrothers i tot WP7 is 7.0 and Mango is 7.5 ??

  5. OcarinaBrothers says:

    @xerexz89 Mango is WP7. All current Windows Phone 7 devices can get Mango.

  6. xerexz89 says:

    can WP7 upgrade to mango?

  7. NotRealFiction says:

    what if the update takes 5 days lmfao jk…but this is just for starters people…theres still 490 features left :P

  8. alithh says:

    I don’t like to read the fanboys comments here. For all fan boys: how much they pay you to waste your effort writing 5 or 6 lines with no meaning??

  9. bigTXnD says:

    Being a current wp user, i have been checking the videos of mango for last few days that i ll be getting for my hd7 . But in every video i saw this user nightsonnyjim passing wrong info about wp7. Either she is paid by Android or Apple…….

  10. cleopad5 says:

    What I dont understand is, if you already have your mind made up on which brand, Apple or Microsoft, you like, WHY would you waste your time watching videos like this, which, i might add, are for people who LIKE Windows Phones, and pissing people off? Seriously, people. Get a life. I dont go on iPhone 5 videos and bash it, so WHY dont all you Apple fanboys, FUCK THE HELL OFF? Another thing, Windows is catching up VERY fast and anybody who says otherwise is kidding themselves.

  11. cleopad5 says:

    @nightsonnyjim SO. The camera is not Windows’ fault, it’s the maker’s fault. So if you want someone to blame, blame HTC. There’s already an app in the marketplace for pdfs. And as for custom ringtones, its BEEN addressed in the Mango update. Only thing that isn’t there yet is Flash. HENCE, you can hush up now :)

  12. qwertypoor says:

    if you think windows phone is dead your a true dumbass yea really you are bitch lol

  13. leabuelo says:

    its pretty damn good

  14. iamhonestjohn says:

    @aaaaplay Yes you can.

  15. kaizadavari1993 says:

    @SuperSaiyanChango yes ofcourse!!!!!

  16. deyvit25 says:

    Uuuufff I can’t wait to use that ie9 :-]:-]:-]:-] and the messenger, and the multitasking woooo, is just beautiful Android and iPhone no give you new things every update like this lesssss

  17. omarinbenz23 says:

    What site does he use to test the html5?

  18. SuperSaiyanChango says:

    i have an htc hd7, wen i update to Mango, will it still be capable of performing like the Windows Phone on the “future” side? 17:54

  19. ashu3260 says:


  20. msummerour1 says:

    @eierer I just took my Evo 3d back and got the HTC Arrive and I don’t ever plan on going back to Android. Mango is going to make it even nicer

  21. Iplayrs8D says:

    i can not wait dflkjsdzgj;anfkad
    sfgmasgsdrq thumbs up…

  22. otso56 says:

    I’m relatively thrilled over Nokia going for Windows Phone, but I think theres also a LONG way before we have the things that made Symbian as good as it was. It wasn’t the prettiest or fastest, but no OS came even close in terms of features. Like using the device as a mass memory without any softare, I’m gonna miss that very much from S^3.

  23. vaibhav402 says:

    u see apple…that is what users want…not some stupid camera button on ur lockscreen…learn from the ‘big brother’

  24. scooter1655 says:


  25. TheCreepr921 says:

    i want where u can share videos and upload them to youtube

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