Skype for Windows Phone Beta App

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Skype for Windows Phone Beta app now available. Skype for Windows Phone Beta supports the most important Skype features you’ve come to know and love with a clean and simple Skype experience that the Metro user interface delivers on your Windows Phone. It has never been so easy to connect with the people you care about. You can learn more and get Skype for Windows Phone Beta at

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50 Responses to Skype for Windows Phone Beta App

  1. Rajesh Maheshwari says:

    hi iamindian

  2. timtim9199 says:

    you find skype on wp when you google it!!
    only then you can find it in the market ;)
    sry for my english… iam german ;)

  3. IrimiesSilviu says:

    All the platforms have skype excepting bada os :(((, WHY???

  4. captaincrash12 says:

    I downloaded it, but there is no live tile. So you are not even signed in when app is not open. So how can you tell if someone is messaging you? Other apps can run in the background and have live tiles like IM+, so why can’t skype. Without this feature I find it dissapointing compared to their standerd PC app.

  5. bennyherber says:

    why doesn’t my rear camera auto foucs when video calling? using the HTC Titan and both cameras work, but the rear one doesn’t autofocus when in use

  6. zs450 says:

    whoever made this ad needs to do more Windows Phone ads. They actually show a feature in use not just flashes of the interface!

  7. TheRealTDawg says:

    anyone have any clue as to when the real version is coming out?

  8. TheRealTDawg says:

    lol yeah my gf facetime’s with her distant family members often and its nothing like the commercials lol!! the audio/voices come through just fine, but the picture looks like im looking at a flip book with some of the pages torn out haha!

  9. pedinokilkis says:

    you are not in an android video so there is no lag here, relax

  10. russiansquare says:

    Can someone please tell how to have skype online all the time for receiving skype calls and text messages. Thank you

  11. PashGeronimo says:

    Cool! But what about us – windows mobile 6.5 ?

  12. Tahnfa says:

    “Sorry but the requested content is not available in your region”.

    So… is it coming to Europe anytime soon ?

  13. GeekyMehta says:

    @steevyp its not 800 its Lumia 900

  14. GeekyMehta says:

    @davqwertz123 and in white!

  15. davqwertz123 says:

    It is the Lumia 900! :)

  16. steevyp says:

    I wasn’t aware that the Lumia 800 had a 2nd camera?!

  17. Nullstr1ng says:

    oh thank you Mr. Skype YouTube Community Manager.

  18. skype says:

    Please check out the blog linked to in the video description for instructions on how to install Skype for Windows Phone – Beta. Thanks for asking, Skype YouTube Community Manager.

  19. caloysilva says:

    scary finger 0:46

  20. Nullstr1ng says:

    So where on earth is Skype in Marketplace?

  21. skype says:

    Please check out the blog mentioned in the video description to find the link to our Skype for Windows Phone – Beta support site. I’ve also messaged you the link. Thanks for asking, Skype YouTube Community Manager.

  22. chaihg says:

    What is the use of a Instant messaging app like skype if it keeps quitting when in background? How do we receive chats when we are always offline. Windows phone sucks in this department

  23. nilsodinho1 says:

    i need help, if i want to downlaod it i got a message that i have not connnected to a windowd live id on my LG-E900 Windows Phone but i hvae done :(( HEEEEEEEEEELp

  24. jessecabrera95 says:

    I hope the app isn’t very laggy or slow

  25. trommelbiel says:

    The future of skype is rosy. I can see skype conneting almost anything

  26. JonthanYong says:

    Hi. I recommend looking at the samples on The code for the MIX Reach graphics demo helped a lot, as did reading Shawn Hargreaves’ blog. Also, Shawn and others have given talks about XNA performance and debugging. You should be able to find those videos quite easily.

    As always, the XNA forums are invaluable. You’ll very likely find answers to your questions by performing a search there.

    Good luck,

  27. SPcopyright says:

    what tutorials did you use to learn how do do this? Could you please refer them to me? I’m trying to learn how to make windows phone 7 games.

  28. WowVideosbyVessel says:

    60 frames per second?! YES!

  29. shakemyass9878 says:

    Hey I’ve been trying to implement power ups on my app Path Builder for the WP7, how to you come across doing that? Did you use a ENUM or just implement it as a Class?

  30. Alejop1995 says:

    will run on wm6.5?

  31. melissawatt00 says:

    this game is very addictive. love it! also congrats on getting it in the marketplace :D x

  32. ssspinball says:

    Better than the iPhone? LMAO! Look up Infinity Blade dude. This looks like a freakin SNES in comparison.

  33. TheTechNerdShow says:

    I live in America so the Omnia is called the Focus its the same except for the material. I love the phone the most though just for its miniSD slot on the back for extra storage which no other WP7 has. Its AMOLED screen is also a major plus.

  34. JonthanYong says:

    You won’t regret it :) My Omnia 7 replaced my iPhone and there’s no way I’d go back.

  35. TheTechNerdShow says:

    regardless, I’m still buying it :) WP7 looks so sick.

  36. JonthanYong says:

    Thanks! Unfortunately it won’t be available exactly on launch day. Probably 1 week after. I want the game to be as polished as possible so I’d rather not rush it.

  37. TheTechNerdShow says:

    Game looks sick. Is this a launch title? If it is I’m buying it day one.

  38. JonthanYong says:

    Thanks dude :)

  39. JonthanYong says:

    Haha thanks! I’m hoping to get my Omnia7 today!

  40. iHyperik says:

    That is reasonable :)
    If I have my Omnia 7 in 2 weeks this is one of the first games I like to buy :D

  41. iHyperik says:

    WOW that game started fast! And the graphics are better than iPhone!

  42. JonthanYong says:

    It was temporarily placed in the apps list so that I could test pinning it to the home screen. The emulator is locked, so you don’t have access to the Xbox Live hub. It will be in the correct hub in the final release.

  43. DNATS says:

    Why is it not in the Xbox Live hub? That list is going to be horid if devs put it in there!

  44. JonthanYong says:

    Price hasn’t been settled yet but I’m aiming for between $2 and $3. You’ll probably find app pricing to be very similar to iPhone app store prices.

  45. JonthanYong says:

    The phone was borrowed during a wp7 developers conference.

  46. xxxstalkerx says:

    what about price? it will be free for download on win phone 7 or you will have some market there, same like iphone, and there you can buy it? nobody said how it will be with apps

  47. zawette says:

    how did u get the phone?

  48. JonthanYong says:

    Thanks! And yes definitely! I’ll be focusing on an XBox 360 port of Retrospaced before starting development on my next game.

  49. haaris94 says:

    this looks great, are you going to be making more games??

  50. JonthanYong says:

    Thanks! The controls simulate dual-analog sticks – like on an Xbox 360 pad. You use your thumb on the red circle on the right to shoot.

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