Windows Phone 7 | Mobile World Congress 2011 (MWC 2011)

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Windows Phone 7 arrives in Barcelona, Spain for Mobile World Congress 2011. Microsoft’s Brandon Watson covers announcements around Nokia, IE9 on Windows Phone, multi-tasking, Twitter, and copy and paste.

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25 Responses to Windows Phone 7 | Mobile World Congress 2011 (MWC 2011)

  1. vsdprt says:

    O Come On @kitfisto21, its easier x1000 times to code for WP7 in C# than the freaky ObjectiveC on iPhone

  2. biggerben2010 says:

    @rivengle wp7 is not fragmented u dick. IOS is not perfect, older IPHONES can’t update to ios 4, older iphones stuck at 3.x. fag.

  3. annaju86 says:

    @rivengle Apple has done something similar with its iTunes attempt at locking customers, indeed Apple is just as evil as WIndows just less powerful.. I wouldn’t suggest any of the two…

  4. rivengle says:

    @KitFisto21 it’s probably easier to code, because developers don’t have to make sure all of several models of phones work. and also, it’s less fragmented than android and wp7.

    plus, the iPhone has good hardware, and a good OS, and because it’s one model, it’s recognizable, which works well with people. (I’m not giving an opinion)

  5. rivengle says:

    @annaju86 why don’t you say the same about apple then?

  6. rivengle says:

    @ilpadovano85 but google has constant control of your phone. (that’s how they used the “kill switch” to remove malicious apps)

  7. KitFisto21 says:

    the iOS is gonna die. the battle is gonna be between android and wp7. honestly, how apple will compete with just one phone, when android and wp7 have several? android has already more market share than iOS, now with nokia, wp7 is gonna make its true debut and remind us all microsoft is still here.

  8. martinbreth says:

    Nokia is a MONSTER company – ARE YOU SURE? ;)

  9. SmartAps89 says:

    Top Free Games for WP7: Go Fishing

    Easy to play – Difficult to Master – Impossibile to put down

    Go Fishing is a very attractive and fun game.With 10 different levels of game, players have the opportunity to explore the world of fishes with over 50 different species of fish. For each fish which is caught the player will be added money, respectively, and required to achieve a certain amount of money to be able to play next level.

  10. ilpadovano85 says:

    @minja714 Clearly you missed the point… he meant that all those good comments are from people who are employees at Microsoft.. hence they can post of course but their word is a little biased..

  11. ilpadovano85 says:

    @TheRealSerbKing Clearly you have no idea of what having an open and free phone means.. stay with your locked properitary closed source wp7 while the rest enjoy free stable and opensource platform and apps on Android..

  12. vulvy8858 says:

    Now they want WP 7 to be cheap. Maybe they will make :
    WP 7 Starter for 600 Mhz or less mobile phones
    WP 7 Home for 680 Mhz phones
    WP 7 Premium for 800 Mhz phones
    WP 7 Ultimate for 1 Ghz or more phones.

  13. SmartAps89 says:

    We have a lot of free games and apps for Windows Phone. Kindly search for us in Zune for the below: Rotate and Roll, World Art Museum, Flip Sexy Card, Ball Shooter, Go Fishing, Art Love, Knowledge Center, Sexy Girl Collection, Cut Sexy Girl

  14. annaju86 says:

    Microsoft bans open source on Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.. typical microsoft stand-offish attitude faking innovation for restrictions..

  15. ilguider says:

    @plarzpartyplaza Saying free software will win is a joke. Fragmentation and lack of optimization of hardware will eventually lead to androids death. Look where Linux is… I’d rather pay for good software then get a free halfass OS. Apple and Windows will be at the top just as with PCs. Android had to hit 2.3 to get as smooth as iOS and WP7 versions 1.0.

  16. samplane123 says:

    @ilpadovano85 lol fanboy (:

  17. minja714 says:

    Too many Microsoft employees here. But no one says software programmers cant post here.

  18. plarzpartyplaza says:

    @JesseBochekTV lagginess? what did you play on it? microsoft games? :P

  19. plarzpartyplaza says:

    @TheRealSerbKing what a clueless comment.. android is free and that’s the reason the majority of people switched to it.. no way a proprietary and evil os like windows will make it..

  20. ilpadovano85 says:

    @dlmaniac Ahah.. you like closed source operating systems where you cannot do anything Microsoft likes uh? W Android!

  21. ilpadovano85 says:

    @JesseBochekTV That’s the only thing Windows fan boys can measure up Android with.. the only winning fact however is that Android is free and cute.. Microsoft is not!

  22. ilpadovano85 says:

    @JesseBochekTV That’s the only thing Windows fan boys can measure up Android with.. the only fact however Android is winning and Microsoft is not is that Android is free.. Microsoft is not!

  23. mrLeonRosario4h says:

    I got Windows 7 from this site:
    downloadblinks . c__o__M

  24. JesseBochekTV says:

    Eff Android and it’s lagginess. WP7 is the route to go.

  25. kenjuma says:

    @ilguider Why with the Nokia Phones? There are already HTC’s and LG’s sold around the world. Anyway, I found out that for the Dutch, Windows 7 will be in our language from June (planned. So maybe later). And that will also be the time from which the market and services like Xbox Live will be supported. Untill then, your WP7-Phone won’t be a smartphone. I guess it will be the same for other countries that aren’t supported today. So I went on the illegal tour. MS forced me.

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