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16 Responses to windows phone 7

  1. CompuTechMaster says:

    Only thing I didn’t like was the font, didn’t seem very “Metro.” Otherwise, awesome. :D

  2. Elchicoo says:

    niiiice XD

  3. px0128 says:

    Can we put this on TV? Please?

  4. YopSolo says:

    Very nice dude, we need more videos like that for WP7!!!

  5. XuJohnnie says:

    You awesome.

  6. SuperTallant says:


  7. Winterfang says:

    That was pretty well done. Love it.

  8. slecalvez says:

    Not hunderds but THOUSANDS of apps… and you forgot it’s a great freaking phone!

  9. joxerfish says:

    It’s no “huten tag” but “guten tag” (yes the h is near the g on the keyboard)

  10. th3wildwolf says:

    You should have said thousand of apps not hundreds. Nice add, but you should have shown in parallel real OS screenshots or video.

  11. wreiad says:

    Love it!

  12. erictayet says:

    Nice but some emphasis on Metro would make it awesome!

  13. pookiewood says:

    @pookiewood I changed my mind. the PC emphasis is good!

  14. pookiewood says:

    Very Nicely Done! I love the simplicity of it. Needs Thousands of apps a tad less on the PC emphasis.

  15. nat13ty says:

    great job love it :-)

  16. david2032blogs says:

    Microsoft needs to hire you.

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