Windows Phone Mango Calendar + Todos Preview

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Tasks are back!! Not only do Exchange tasks now sync with the “To-Do’s” tab with-in the Calendar, but now Windows Live Hotmail To-Do’s sync there as well. Windows Live’s To-Do’s list never used to sync with anything. It seems dumb to call them “Todos” since Outlook calls them tasks, but whatever… at least you can see, edit, and manage the things you have to do at work and in your personal life. Most other smartphones still don’t sync Exchange tasks, and it’s great to see this feature back in Windows Phone… and in full force with Windows Live Hotmail. What about multiple Calendars you say? Yep, those are there too. Each calendar you add to any of your Windows Live, Exchange, and Google accounts will show up. Not only that, but Windows Live Group calendars that you’ve subscribed to will also show. Unfortunately shared Exchange 2003 Public Folder calendars and SharePoint/Office 365 Team Site calendars don’t seem to work here. But wait, there’s more! The Mango calendar app supports Facebook events and not just for the date, time, and description. You can set it to only show Facebook events that you’ve responded to if you want. When you open a Facebook event, in addition to all of the details that the organizer has included, there’s also a “wall” tab where you can see and post comments, as well as a “Guests” tab where you can see who’s attending, maybe attending, or not attending. Of course, there’s also a respond button for Facebook events right there at the bottom
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Samsung Windows Phone 7 / Samsung Focus Preview (Final software, not final hardware from Samsung) Samsung Windows Phone 7 Hands On / Overview Samsung Windows Phone 7 (Samsung Focus) from Mobilize 2010. Noah gets a hands on demo of the Samsung Windows Phone 7 device. This Samsung Windows Phone 7 device is running the final software, but with prototype hardware. It makes iPhone look old (!!!). Live from Mobilize 2010. Samsung Focus Hands On Windows Phone 7 Overview HTC 7 Pro Overview HTC 7 Trophy Hands On LG Quantum Hands On HTC Surround, Samsung Focus, LG Quantum appear on AT&T’s site HTC Announces Five Windows Phone 7 Devices PhoneDog Links ———- Website: Facebook Twitter: Forums: Win Free Phones:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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39 Responses to Windows Phone Mango Calendar + Todos Preview

  1. pixelr0 says:

    @LegendaryRemixes sure dude, android 39% market share, wp7 1%.. do you think people are crazy for buying android phones? and wtf is so elegant about tiles?

  2. LegendaryRemixes says:

    @pixelr0 lol no i had an android nexus 2.3 now i have a Dell Venue Pro wp7, Windows phone 7 is years ahead of Android, wp7 looks way more elegant, its the best phone ive ever bought

  3. pixelr0 says:

    @Zeuss1220 this is shit.. Android is years ahead

  4. MrVeeBlog says:

    Amazing stuff Adam. Keep up the good work.

  5. ninetalesnaruto1 says:

    who else saw its a sexy senoritas birthday extravag… at 2:39

  6. inelscomedy says:

    @adamz1977 Cheers Adam. Would be great to get some confirmation on this.That’s the only feature that I would really like in Mango. I often stick with Android as I can see my entire calendar on that OS compared to WP7.

  7. adamz1977 says:

    @inelscomedy Multiple Google calendars do not seem to sync in the same way in this build. You would think it would be the same as Exchange and Windows Live, but I don’t know if it’s a bug in this version or not supported. We’ll look at it again when we see the final version of course.

  8. Zeuss1220 says:

    this is the shit

  9. javx03 says:

    This is going to be awesome if it works with Google Calendar as well. I got tons of calendars over there on my gmail account.

  10. adamz1977 says:

    @SadPerson4 The Mango playlist should be public now! Sorry about that.

  11. inelscomedy says:

    You showed that you can now sync multiple WIndows Live Calendars, but will you be able to sync multiple Google Calendars in the same way ? ~

  12. SadPerson4 says:

    @pocketnowvideo Adam, your Mango playlist is private. Can’t open it :(

  13. MrSmartyPants100 says:

    Did Anyone Hear The Train At 0:57 :D

  14. edinburghfreak says:

    Mango features are just fantastic!!

  15. Sdefinite says:

    @zcxvnbads ok. thanks

  16. zcxvnbads says:

    @Sdefinite the windows 7 also has some of the major apps like angry birds, doodle jump, etc…
    the windows 7 is also a little cheaper than the iphone.
    it also has zune.
    google it for more info.
    i would say the windows phone 7.

  17. Sdefinite says:

    @zcxvnbads the problem is i do both of this man…daanm choosing a smartphone is making me also a music type of guy, which 1 should i get? ur opinion

  18. zcxvnbads says:

    @Sdefinite It Depends, If you are gonna download apps and play games then the iphone is for you, but, if you wanna connect with friends, text for a long time, get amazing social networking features, then Windows phone all the way hands down. i like windows phone :3

  19. Sdefinite says:

    should i go for apple iphone 5 or windows phone 7?

  20. yayocarrion81 says:

    You record this with a dinosaur???? LOL

  21. buca100 says:

    lol u say the iphone is a dinosaur yet u record the video with an iphone u can see in the reflection at 0:48

  22. MikalGreen1 says:

    iPhone is a dinosaur, Windows bone 7 “looks newer” … I wonder which is more reliable ? and which 1 actually works …

  23. kadvid says:

    Why does no one demo the phone UI? Like… how to make a phone call? Or did I miss something?

  24. kadvid says:

    @frank2398 As ItsNowProductions said: They are aiming at different people. I feel like Android might be reaching its peak soon, cause soon all geeks and nerds, power users etc. have Android phones already. All potential Android buyers have bought such a phone already. But WP7 still has many potential buyers who don’t even have a smartphone yet.

  25. DerekDeSouzaa says:

    p.s – apple should start using their brain, make some cool features rather than strecthing/squashing the screen :/ So, please dont copy features from other phones :P

  26. DerekDeSouzaa says:

    -Windows Phone 7 Mango has the capacity to change the way people use phones
    -Android Ice cream sandwich Has Potential
    -iPhone 5 is copying things from WP7 and android and maybe others .. to make their iOS look better :/
    for example :- when you receive notifications on iPhone5 it shows it on the top , just like WP7 and when you drag it down the screen basically turns into a Android layout :(
    I dont hate iPhone but i think its time when they made mindblowing changes rather than copy stuff :/

  27. poiiihy says:

    windows 7 has aero theme, windows phone has UGLY SIMPLE SQUARES? NOT EVEN SOME SHINY LIKE ON IPHONE? Its screwed!

  28. ItsNowProductions says:

    @frank2398 yes because Winodws Phone is Simple
    iOS is Apptasic/Apple/Intuitive
    Android is [with minimal disrespect] Geek/Poweruser/Root Nerds/Customizable

  29. frank2398 says:

    Can the Windows Phone hope to break in? Can it find a spot somewhere between iOS and Android?

  30. kdlittle88 says:

    How many times is this guy going to say “experience”?

  31. gassie123 says:

    Windows phone 7 sucks, i want old windows mobile that is just going to be updated.

    because i cant, i have android.

  32. crossmediatube says:

    He is Making the Video from iPhone 4 :D

  33. gt96g says:

    HA! IF YOU’VE GOT A ZOON, Quick the two people who actually own that thing raise your hands now. LMAO

  34. PhoneGradeJohnny says:

    I’m not going to compare WP7 OS to iOS or Android. Each of these phones are different in their own ways respectively. WP7 OS is amazing. I had the chance to try one out for a week and it has the smoothest transitions and it’s quick. The “Mango” update will really help the phone with tons of features and enhancements. I recommend you try one out for yourself at your local cell phone store.

  35. tarozeero says:

    @JMHGaming Lol. You’re one to talk.

  36. MrApplehelper says:

    how did you get the start menu to be pink ? mines blue .

  37. UnitedPebbles says:

    It is like Apple stock owners vs everybody who owned tech stocks. Now I have to donate blood to get more money to buy Nokia stock, maybe donate sperm as well! I hope the Finches will get it together!

  38. JMHGaming says:

    @ducminh1996 Fuck off. Typical windows fanboy….

  39. MissRandommGirl says:

    oh nevermind, i have a newer version, thats why .

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