Windows Phone Mango [ Part 3 ] : Internet Explorer

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Free I Touch Games Girl Dress Up Games So what is new in Internet Explorer 9 Mobile from Windows Phone Mango ? In this video we take you guys through some of new features in Windows Phone Mango Bing Local Scout Identify music Identify Products and Barcodes Text Recognition via the camera and Translate etc
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21 Responses to Windows Phone Mango [ Part 3 ] : Internet Explorer

  1. xlankex says:

    @xkrnbanditx If you mean Flash Functionality in the web browser I totally agree with you. It does disappoint a bit however enough of the web is moving to HTML5 that I think in not too long we won’t notice the difference.

  2. xkrnbanditx says:

    @xlankex do people use html5 commonly though? i would prefer flash than html5 since a lot more websites use that

  3. WindowsMobileApps says:

    @alijahgreen it was discussed on the blog post , its a shame that is gone

  4. alijahgreen says:

    funny how I am the only one that noticed that we lost a feature from NoDo “find on page” :(

  5. 123PEDRODIOGO says:

    pleaseee… review “holophone 3D”

  6. Janis91 says:

    I use tabs a lot, so I’m not very happy they removed the quick access to them. I know they’re listed in the fast app switching view, but why don’t they make it like browsing photo albums, zooming out to get an overview?

  7. xlankex says:

    HTML5 is the 5th revision of original HTML written code. The difference between HTML5 and 4 is that is includes coding for music, video etc…. You can kind of think of it as a media encoder, like Flash.

  8. WP7User says:

    @peace00021 Flash is a plugin for IE9… :)

  9. FalloutNewVergas says:

    What does HTML5 do?

  10. WindowsMobileApps says:

    @austo97 makes sense ..

  11. austo97 says:

    Actually to anybody who thinks it got translated to dick, it was read as dick, because the c and the l are so close together it looks like a d.

  12. Monkriss says:

    @vi4m thats probably because its only about half a year old. just wait until we get these updates :D

  13. vi4m says:

    Bought wp7 and was very dissapointed

  14. alexanderpit2006 says:

    Can the bing vision translate other languages into English?

  15. xlankex says:

    @MrBibi86 Well I wouldn’t want to but I had to show the feature. :P

  16. MrBibi86 says:

    why would u like to buy a cd u already have lol

  17. FalloutNewVergas says:

    @FalloutNewVergas few languages*

  18. FalloutNewVergas says:

    Great vids, great features, great look!

    Only thing is how the translator works it says “Put some quick in your click.”

    and when you did it in Spanish it translates into “Put some quick in your dick” lol, oh well no translator is truly perfect especially when you`re getting a quote that only works with a languages.

  19. WindowsMobileApps says:

    @WP7User me too , that translate feature looks amazing

  20. WP7User says:

    I can’t wait for Mango!!

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