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Smiles for Windows Phone 7

Check out Smiles, coming soon to Windows Phone 7.
Windows Phone 7 – Smiles Rating: 5 / 5

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25 Responses to Windows 7 Games – Smiles

  1. SmartAps89 says:

    Top Free App for WP7: Ascii SMS

    ASCII SMS is a collection of more than 30,000 Ascii SMS messages with topics of love, Christmas, family, wishes… With ASCII SMS, you can send fun and meaningful messages to your family members and friends on Christmas, birthday, Halloween and even sweet messages to your beloved.

  2. milanigoran says:

    @ReiKaz look for XDA developers forum !

  3. killer2674 says:

    Is it as good as the Reall WP7? Or lil laggi? When is it comming out?

  4. typongtv says:

    Not yet …soon… be patient

  5. riamo069 says:

    nice!!! awesome!!! :D !! but how can i install the Windows Phone 7 on my HTC HD”??? plsseee Help me !!! Ineed to install it !!!

  6. AyeshunMang96 says:

    i cant waaaaaaittt D:

  7. typongtv says:

    Not yet my friend…patience

  8. ReiKaz says:

    Wow wowwwww, cool man!! Can you say where i can get it?

  9. madest says:

    It takes 50 seconds to boot up?

  10. emanspi says:

    @typongtv Thank you very much looking forward to it

  11. typongtv says:

    This is not yet released, be patient, I’m sure as soon as devs prepare a stable version they will release it .

  12. emanspi says:

    from where can you get this please??

  13. dannya51 says:

    Oh man.. the YouTube’s system I think it doesn’t allow me to post links on comments .. hmmm… xD … anyway … search on XDA Forum..

  14. dannya51 says:

    That’s really Awesome !… but I will only give it a try to WP7, but my decision is to install the Android ROM over my WM6.5, so I will have WM6.5 deleted from my HD2 completely.. this will be possible when the guys on the xda-developers will finish their work with the NAND Version & MAGLDR… so stay tuned guys .. I mean those who are interested in having only Android & of course other OS-es, but to have Android to boot-up first on the HD2, here’s the link on xda…

  15. dharmastipulate says:

    Free inexhaustible energy is real!But the Oil companies want these technologies unknown to the masses,Find this technology at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Let the revolution begin!

  16. namekyoyo says:

    super responsive :) this is the best wp7 port to HD2 I’ve seen so far. Great work keep it up.

  17. namekyoyo says:

    @typongtv SUPER EXCITED!!

  18. Jhayzt19 says:

    Its like a dream come true..! Can someone fix my jaw please? I can’t stop gawking.

  19. GoodChineezeCheeze says:

    @typongtv I’m in charge of cheeezeeee burgers

  20. typongtv says:

    Cheese burger :P

  21. MrCrix says:

    Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Phone 7, Android… what more can you wish?

  22. tankzar says:

    So glad I picked up an HD2 recently!

  23. typongtv says:

    i hope HD2 will be able to produce cheese burger by 2011 :))

  24. digitalhater says:

    really looking forward to this.

  25. Stagstrat says:

    Yeah !

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