Windows Mobile 6.5 versus Windows Phone 7

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Windows Mobile 6.5 versus Windows Phone 7

Windows Mobile 6.5 Windows Phone 7

For more smartphone news and reviews: Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile are very much different. In a lot of ways, they are complete opposites. In Windows Mobile, you can customize your experience with a custom ROM or interface, plus you can change almost any aspect of the interface. In Windows Phone 7, you are limited to the interface that it comes with out of the box…you can’t even change the browser or the keyboard. Also, Windows Mobile is notoriously unstable unless you have the perfect ROM with performance tweaks. In Windows Phone 7, everything just works.

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Bing and Google Windows Phone 7

Bing and Google app on Windows Phone 7

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50 Responses to Windows Mobile 6.5 versus Windows Phone 7

  1. JCDizon16 says:

    his voice is just like chris pirillo

  2. HaloSpartanG13 says:

    WM6 is awesome!

    6:20 happens all the time.

  3. nabari100 says:

    I like turtles

  4. diegohcis says:

    que mierda es esa pantallota que tenes atras!!??

  5. ShadowTheHedgehog85 says:

    Well Windows Mobile is the Grandfather of the mobile OS. But I like it… Is use it every day on my HTC Raphael…

  6. falconstrife says:

    windows mobile 6.5 a lot better looking than windows phone 7 and more customizable. Windows phone 7 makes the phone faster and has more features, but I rather prefer the phone to be better looking.

  7. TheMarioItaliano says:

    @lukadeadman99 your mother do really good blowjobs ;)

  8. lukadeadman99 says:

    @TheMarioItaliano bcs you suck

  9. lukadeadman99 says:

    reminder this is not htc vs lg its winmb 6.5 vs win mob 7

  10. TheMarioItaliano says:

    why does wp 6.5 looks better than wp7 ? :/

  11. kkjiikk says:

    you can try the xda forums

  12. Kabezee says:

    I have the HTC Tilt2 it is running Windows Mobile 6.5 and I have been hearing about upgradeable ROM’s for the device. Is there a ROM upgrade you recommend genuine Microsoft or other? If so which one, and where do I get it?

  13. 123PEDRODIOGO says:

    windows phone 7 mango is much better

  14. n1nj4Lo says:

    @blekdregen But WP7 is iPhone now!!! BOX AFTER BOX AFTER BOX, Only difference is now the scroll up and down. LoL Duh! WinMo 6.5 FTW Sorry but if ya think differently, maybe it’s just cause you’re in denial…….That Microsoft ripped off Apple again, plain and simple!

  15. varch1990 says:

    6.5 looks 1000x better looking than 7

  16. varch1990 says:

    why does 6.5 like a 1000x better than 7?

  17. Asrar29 says:

    @mozzmanau yeah that was annoying, i think youtube fixed it now, even with 720 and 1080 HD streaming

  18. 1337PallyGabriel says:

    I had a modded htc diamond with 6.5 and i loved it it was a good little os while it lasted. I am on android now and couldn’t be happier.

  19. Hollenvaen says:

    @fishfry001 Windows Mobile? ILol. My boyfriend had that for a year. It was sluggish, and awful. Windows 7 is incredible and modern. It’s artistic; wonderful.

    iPhone + Dreamboard OS7 = App switching/multitasking + good hardware + Windows 7 live tiles = best phone to date.

  20. fishfry001 says:

    Fast app switching on WinMo 6.5 is a piece of cake. Just put a shortcut to Task Manager in Quick Links and you’re good to go.

    Running dual boot NAND WinMo 6.5/SD Android (Desire) on my HTC HD2. I’m a happy camper.

  21. fishfry001 says:

    Fast app switching on WinMo 6.5 is a piece of cake. Just put a shortcut to Task Manager in Quick Links and you’re good to go.

  22. wowt says:

    I run android on my htc hd2. Never going back.

  23. foxyboxin says:

    @blekdregen so phones in general = for people with penises?

  24. VideozJudge says:

    As a real test…. what about sync between mobile and PC?
    what about opening emails which is better win6.5 or 7? and does there a sync option between mobile and PC for emails? does it work?

    what about security files such as .p12 ( used to secure accessing the websites/emails etc) does windows 6.5 or 7 deal with them?

    What about Skype, does they run it ( now Windows buy Skype, and could it support old windows mobile) ?

  25. 123PEDRODIOGO says:

    The IOS is old, the android stole ideas from ios and windows 6.5 phone. Windows 7 phone and different, original and simple. windows phone 7-win End of story

  26. WP7User says:

    Bing isn’t as good in Sweden as in The States:(

  27. GHSgrad2006 says:

    I’ve been using Google for a long time, but I think Bing has better apps.

  28. thecolspot says:

    Google work for android and iphone only. They make crap apps for win phone and nokia. except youtube

  29. jorgesatablackmetal says:

    Bing sucks,Google just the best

  30. packstack15 says:

    @chrkourou then your using an android phone right because the Bing app been on the market sense February

  31. VSG413 says:

    LOL. Bing is so better as an app and on mobile. But Google is better on the web even though I use Bing anyways

  32. kahuna3901 says:

    i like google on the desktop, i love bing on mobile

  33. ApolyonTheSoulRender says:

    Doesn’t feel different from google, but I really like the pictures with facts and links. Those are always interesting. : )

  34. HTHAMMACK1 says:

    @Harrysound The man just showed you the point dumbass. Bing is vastly superior on phones and tablets. It’s also better in a lot of ways on PCs and laptops.

  35. chrkourou says:

    At least google launched an app fot WP7. On the other hand, I can’t find any Bing apps for android!

  36. SmartAps89 says:

    Top Free Games for WP7: Rotate and Roll

    Easy to Play – Difficult to Master – Impossible to Put down

    Your objective in this fun physics game is to rotate your way through 20 challenging levels. To complete a level, roll your ball guy to the raindrop. Pay attention, as some levels require you to first collect a star in order to activate the exit point. Use the finger on the screen and move it in the desired direction

    to rotate the level around. Have fun!

  37. Fillduck says:

    @idkmybffjv when it is low on power it will show you the battery indicator

  38. Jamaica4Lyphe says:

    @xXSCARFACE1983Xx ye man and bing maps is BEAUTIFUL…

  39. sonyviva308 says:

    I can see that the phone is almost running out of battery.. check out the indicator..

  40. idkmybffjv says:

    Your battery indicator is permanent! How’d you do that?

  41. Harrysound says:

    Gah I hate Bing.
    Whats the point when theres Google……i mean seriously.

  42. SONYandMICROSOFT says:

    I use google on my computer but i use bing for app.

  43. zw0ecool says:

    wow…bing is doing it big time….. I don’t know why but when I think of bing I think of New York, I guess because it focuses a lot on finding restaurants and hotels and different places….kind of like the city life….soon bing is going to take over a lot more of the search market share.

  44. efrem1003 says:

    We want this in Italy (these funcions are not supported!!

  45. Smokidable says:

    So this is a Bookmark?!

  46. Hunwarrior2 says:

    its so bad that google cannot make better app, or why MS canot allow user to switch between search engines like google or bing. tell you the truth i wanna use Bing but i can’t , bing is give so bad results and its not support my location good as google.

  47. SneakyMrPanda says:

    I use Bing on both computer and mobile. Why? Because they’re both search engines, and on the computer they provide exactly the same service: finding information. Google doesn’t necessarily provide better information, as what they both do is search information on the web, only I feel like the Bing interface is much more modern and changes daily, it doesn’t just prey off of people’s fear of technological change.

  48. themightycorndogs says:

    LOS LINKS!!!!!!

  49. Daxter1A says:

    Yeah, the app sucks. The integrated Bing search is just easy to use and the voice recognition is fantastic. Bing search results often suck tho and I had to use Google instead…

  50. KidStranglehold says:

    Bing of course!

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