Windows Phone 7 Video Review

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Part one of our two-part Windows Phone 7 video review. We take a detailed look at Microsoft’s new smartphone OS. In part two we cover the Zune, youtube video, Internet Explorer mobile, third party apps and talk about some of the missing features.

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25 Responses to Windows Phone 7 Video Review

  1. deercreekmichael says:

    Thank you for the excellent review.

  2. MobileTechReview says:

    @GeneralNerevarine You sure can.

  3. GeneralNerevarine says:

    So wait… Can you upload your own music and videos to that Zune thing or whatever?

  4. spectatoroflifesofar says:

    @thenazgullord, STFU trolls!

  5. adoisthebest1992 says:

    with mango, did flash come with windows handsets?


  6. MobileTechReview says:

    Respond to this video… Copy/Paste support actually came out before the Mango update. So yes.

  7. Anton4223 says:

    is there going to be Copy & Paste on Mango?

  8. MobileTechReview says:

    @Conner526 Thank you very much! Please share our reviews with your friends and family. ;-)

  9. Conner526 says:

    Lisa, you do the best reviews. Keep it up!

  10. MobileTechReview says:

    @itouchhelpr1 Yes, we are playing with Mango on the HD7S. It’s really nice.

  11. thenazgullord says:

    that os is CRAPPPPPPPP

  12. sinis2011 says:

    am waiting for HTC 4.7 inch WP7 Super Phone !!!

  13. clouds5 says:

    @TheMike5478 yeah i’m sure WM7 will get there and i already like what im seeing. The interface is very good and thought out well.
    But it still needs some time. And some more 3rd party support.

  14. TheMike5478 says:

    all you can eat

  15. TheMike5478 says:

    @clouds5 wp7 just came out though so yea

  16. CrippaLand says:

    hmmm so im confused, in this she said u plug in usb to computer yer, but you can’t copy anything onto it, can you put music onto it? videos? docs? or absolutly NONE of that? and the ringtones, can you get ur own like it takes a while to do in iphone, or you can’t in anyway possible? and does the bluetooth work with other phones? send and receive?

  17. clouds5 says:

    Hm there’s no reason at all to get a WM7 phone. Android and apple phones are just better in almost every way…

  18. YUPnNOPE says:

    Great 2 part review. WP7 looks good, but I feel the same way as you.. At this time, it’s not compelling and feature-rich enough to make me want to leave iPhone.

  19. Tu51ndBl4d3 says:

    @Snowintosh dude….dont lie to urself….android lags. ok well, not so much lag as it is just not very smooth. but i agree about one thing, on SOME phones, its SURPRISINGLY freaking smooth (htc thunderbolt), others (droid x etc) lag like a bitch, or , excuse me, are not smooth at all.

  20. jonjl15 says:

    android is too fragmented. If Verizon comes out with a 4G LTE Windows phone 7 device, I’m in.

  21. ryananderson280195 says:

    kind of ironic when i know that this was edited on a mac

  22. Dsiighmnusa says:

    the way i see it .. It’s our own faults that microsoft disabled removable storage, bluetooth file transfer, ect. is (Most likely) that .. we exploit EVERYTHING about phones (Ex. HD2) this is just microsoft’s way of saying “Don’t mod our phones”
    Not to say that this is an.. Effective method of trying to stop us, because it’s going to happen. We don’t NEED removable storage to mod (ex. iPhone)
    I’m sure in the future they will add all of these features in later models and updates.

  23. ClanFMJ says:

    less quality, less bandwith, more data

  24. Captiosus77 says:

    @DonPBeast16 Surely you’re joking. The ease with which I can identify a caller based on ring (when my phone doesn’t need to be silent) is incredible. Not being able to have custom ringtones from my own library is incredibly stupid. I can put gigs of my own music on the device, but I’m stuck with the provider’s lame rings or have to pay through the nose for custom tones through my provider? What is this, 2002?

  25. SmartAps89 says:

    Top Free Games for WP7: Rotate and Roll

    Easy to Play – Difficult to Master – Impossible to Put down

    Your objective in this fun physics game is to rotate your way through 20 challenging levels. To complete a level, roll your ball guy to the raindrop. Pay attention, as some levels require you to first collect a star in order to activate the exit point. Use the finger on the screen and move it in the desired direction
    to rotate the level around. Have fun!

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