Windows Phone 7.5

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Windows Phone 7.5 Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Windows Phone 7.5

  1. juandl11 says:

    why yours is always showing the signal strenght icon???? I want to do that, or it’s just because you have it in emergency only???

  2. archlinuxrussian says:

    wow, that multitasking is literally the same as webOS o_o lol. i knwo it isnt the SAME but still. it aint copyrighted, so it is ok, but being a respecting company it would be nice to nod to Palm ;)

  3. simon199418 says:

    @abcborgess why did you buy an iphone? :P

  4. 2cavas says:

    Ohh my god iOS 5 200 new features : O Fuck it!

  5. 2cavas says:

    Ohh my god iOS 5 200 new apps : O Fuck it!

  6. CinematicallyUnhappy says:

    music controls on the lock screen isn’t a new mango feature.

  7. chltmdwp says:

    @bxbbrian i was asking the user abcborgess what he/she meant by how do i install that on my iPhone?

  8. bxbbrian says:

    @chltmdwp connect your phone to the computer and follow the insstrctions given. you will get the update notification.

  9. chltmdwp says:

    @abcborgess install what?

  10. bxbbrian says:

    @Tapoutbro911 Just google “forcing windows phone mango update”, follow instructions. i did it for my DELL VENUE PRO, its awesome.

  11. 00Pure101 says:

    @abcborgess just get a widows phone. u wont be missing anything…trust me

  12. Tapoutbro911 says:

    I have a Samsung Focus on AT&T, and I still haven’t gotten Mango. How do I get it?

  13. huang92 says:

    mango is out already!!!! plug it into ur computer, hit update and right away go to your bottom right on your desktop and turn off your wireless connection, or unplug if your wired… then it will take a few seconds to look for an update, and finally it will say there is an update available for your divice,,,then turn your internet back on and click update.BOOM done. it takes a few tries and i needed to update twice cuz i wasnt on the latest version.

  14. svgghost says:

    holding the back button will close the application …. removing it from the app switcher , pressing the windows button would save the app state and shows it in the app switcher….

  15. Usuallyboredalot says:

    @wheezleful thats why android is the best :) aside from the games that ios has :)

  16. wheezleful says:

    @abcborgess That is not possible :D
    iPhone uses iOS as operating system, you have to buy a windows phone in order to have “Windows Phone” as operating system ;)

  17. ParasValecha says:

    @te84 Awesome comment man! I’m LOL! :D

  18. franscartoons says:

    you touched the screen 50 million times in 40 seconds without unlocking it…..this video hurts my OCD hard! D:

  19. te84 says:

    @abcborgess you throw it on the floor. from the top of a building.

  20. abcborgess says:

    How do I install that on my iPhone?

  21. rivengle says:

    @javogreen07 i’d keep it if i were you. or sell it on ebay.

  22. rivengle says:

    @leonkehoe i like the 3 button layout in wp. it’s unique, and it’s simple. there’s just somethign that puts me off about the 4 face buttons on android. i don’t know why.

  23. RagingTeaBaggins says:

    got it on my focus at 5pm pacific time…ive been having the best time of my life :DDDDD

  24. DennisEatsFood says:

    I love the design of that OS

  25. TheFerretboy123 says:

    8TH OHHHHHH YEAH !!!!!

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