Windows Phone 7 Desktop Synchronization

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Here’s a look at Zune 4.7, a version that allows for syncing of Windows Phone 7 devices. This is how WP7 phones will receive data like multimedia and podcasts. You can also use wireless sync, which allows you to send multimedia to your phone over WiFi, just like a Zune. Note that the hardware and software shown are not final.
Windows Phone 7 Desktop Synchronization Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Windows Phone 7 Desktop Synchronization

  1. pascbjumper2 says:

    @GiannyBoi8 You can choose between both those options. To choose one click on settings in the Zune Software and then select device. From there you control sync options for apps, pictures, videos, podcasts, and friends.

  2. darkultra says:

    iTunes on my windows 7 pc is so slow and bloated. But I’d rather prefer to use Windows 7 explorer to sync and drag over / manage my content. That is video, music, images, text files etc. Offline folders support would really make things quick and simple I think.

  3. handleofme says:


  4. SmartAps89 says:

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  5. SmartAps89 says:

    We have a lot of free games and apps for Windows Phone. Kindly search for us in Zune for the below: Rotate and Roll, World Art Museum, Flip Sexy Card, Ball Shooter, Go Fishing, Art Love, Knowledge Center, Sexy Girl Collection, Cut Sexy Girl

  6. biggerben2010 says:

    You can’t do that on itunes.

  7. GiannyBoi8 says:

    What songs will it sync, my whole libary or just the songs that i want it to, and if so, how will i be able to chose?

  8. optikbozz1 says:

    i want to fuck

  9. craig134Gameplay says:

    @terryfrancisfrench omg same just got the phine and i get connect it

  10. terryfrancisfrench says:

    i cant even get zune downloaded on my computer!

  11. kendy4 says:

    @KennyMataz its not that bad isnt it?

  12. MinchkinTheMunchkin says:

    Linking is to enable the marketplace on your Zune.

  13. kalsikum says:

    WP7 ftw!

  14. dave5785568 says:

    Is there a way to maximise the zune player so i can watch movies with out having the taskbar at the bottom?

  15. slaveofpain1337 says:

    Brandon spends too much time with touchscreen smartphones. He even taps on his monitor… oO

  16. slaveofpain1337 says:

    Brandon spends to much time with touchscreen smartphones. He even taps on his monitor… oO

  17. slaveofpain1337 says:

    Brandon spends to much time with touchscreen smartphones. He even taps on his monitor… oO

  18. slaveofpain1337 says:

    Brandon spends to much time with touchscreen smarphones. He even taps on his monitor… oO

  19. p14y4h0n3 says:

    so it becomes a zune hd? i hope this leads to more apps.

  20. theavanger255 says:


    All I want is a decent file explorer

  21. TheRealEchoElite26 says:

    @rockdamic On Zune’s Webpage, in the drop down menu, under Software.

  22. alfredoowns12 says:

    LOL your doin it wrong

  23. blizzardofoz says:

    Love it!!! And it’s friggin fast!

  24. livingliveinmusic says:

    i am really liking the whole idea of “windows phone 7″. it might be hard for me to use a zune instead of an ipod. but, the phone is starting to change my mind. :)

  25. rockdamic says:

    I’m currently using a Windows Phone 7 – where can I download Zune 4.7?

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