Windows Phone 7 Mobile Apps | AP Mobile

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Windows Phone 7 Mobile Apps

Windows Phone 7 Mobile Apps | AP Mobile

Check out the AP Mobile app developed for Windows Phone 7. It uses Silverlight to deliver an engaging experience with motion & animation.

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25 Responses to Windows Phone 7 Mobile Apps | AP Mobile

  1. Aeonhem says:

    @ruvolk24 Read that to yourself ha ha.

  2. ruvolk24 says:

    Why did I wasn’t money on the iPhone?

  3. b4igetu says:

    @ArtKob23 Yeah I did read more into it and there isn’t much customization. However one major thing MS improved on was setting strict guide lines to hardware developers so the os runs smoothly on any phone. MS plan with the app shortage is to have there MS employees from many countries work on apps in there spare time. The reward is receiving for each purchase of there app. So the better the app the more money the individual gets.
    The feature I prefer is the xbox live.

  4. ArtKob23 says:

    @b4igetu i am not mad at all, im just saying its too simple, no wallpapers all you change is the color of the tiles. and the only thing i like about the os is that it has zune player, and since they just started you cannot expect to have all the apps available. the developers create apps for the phones that most of the people have. pretty much you are going to be stuck with a simple phone that has a calculator and calling for 2 years…

  5. b4igetu says:

    @ArtKob23 That is what your mad about is the simplicity of the tiles. That is a piss poor reason to hate it. I don’t want to be solving a puzzle just to access the facebook app.

  6. ArtKob23 says:

    @b4igetu i know they have been around for a while but they have a fresh start with the os and its not as functional as android so id rather go with something that is more os advanced… fuck these tiles too simple its for my grandma

  7. b4igetu says:

    @ArtKob23 Windows has been doing mobile phones, and pda os long before any of those companies, but back then it was Nokia that was the top stuff.

  8. SmartAps89 says:

    Top Free Apps for WP7: ASCII SMS

    ASCII SMS is a collection of more than 300 Ascii SMS messages with topics of love, Christmas, family, wishes… With ASCII SMS, you can send fun and meaningful messages to your family members and friends on Christmas, birthday, Halloween and even sweet messages to your beloved.

  9. SmartAps89 says:

    Top free games and apps for Windows Phone 7. Rotate and Roll, World Art Museum, Flip Sexy Card, Ball Shooter, Go Fishing, Art Love, Knowledge Center, Sexy Girl Collection, Cut Sexy Girl

  10. GIG4NTOR says:

    wp7 is the shit. i personally like it more than the iphone, which i used to own. dont judge it until you’ve had it

  11. zlakie says:

    @titleistD2 you dont know what you are talking about

  12. jessiethe3rd says:

    @titleistD2 use it… it’s great.

  13. jessiethe3rd says:

    This is NOT the AP app that was release UNFORTUNATELY…. sad – AP should have bought it because it’s 2000x better then what they have.

  14. titleistD2 says:

    Gondee@ Well, I agree that they’re the most compatible for the broadest range of hardware,I already stated this.If you were engineering hardware/software for PC’s your going to develop for the most commonly used OS.One that owns 85% of the Market share(WIN) if they want to make substantially more money.This however does not make them the most Stable, user friendly, SAFE, EFFICIENT OS.I don’t mind windowsPC stuff but there’s better , In Win7 phones case every other manufacture makes a better OS.

  15. Gondee says:

    @titleistD2 That is complete crap. Windows is used because it works with the broadest band of hardware, it has compatibility because it has a track record as being relatively stable and reliable. You sir, far under rate the windows experience. You have a choice what to put on your computer you know.

  16. titleistD2 says:

    @oliboy12 Yes I agree, their PC OS’s are much better… ha I have not used the phone in person but I’m sorry I don’t know what they were thinking.

  17. oliboy12 says:

    @titleistD2 i dont think you can compare the windows phone 7 to windows 7 or xp , they are nothing a like

  18. GearsofMaverick says:

    @sinned007HARDYNATION lol ur that pissed over a ringtone?

  19. SoonStudios says:

    Check out my channel for FREE apps.

  20. titleistD2 says:

    No one wants windows… The only reason we use it on our computers is because it comes with it and is compatible with everyone else… The interface and home screen are ugly besides it’s all very cluttered. IOS4 and Android are always going to be far superior.

  21. bobcabri1 says:

    Also being discussed here. WP7 is sweet. 46=pı¿dɥd˙ʍǝıʌ/ƃɹo˙sɹɐʍʇuǝɯɯoɔ//:dʇʇɥ

  22. bobcabri1 says:

    WP7 is a game changer.

  23. deecoop0351 says:

    Windows phone 7 looks great way ahead of iphone if MS don’t drop the ball they going to change the game

  24. jdeucexx says:

    @ArtKob23 windows mobile has been around for a long time.

  25. ArtKob23 says:

    too late windows, blackberry, android, and iphone took over the world

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